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Mastering Tutorial Part 2: The Secret Notebook of a Mastering Engineer (Advanced)

Introduction to Mastering Session


Welcome to the live mastering session. You are about to witness a track being mastered from start to finish using the techniques covered in the 'Audio Mastering Blueprint'. The track being mastered is called 'Breathe' from the album 'On Parade' and is courtesy of the band 'Unconscious Jungle'. In fact, Unconscious Jungle have generously donated the entire album for free download in its unmastered form just for you practice your mastering skills on. To access it, simply go to the practice music downloads page. The full album, in its finished state is available to purchase by clicking the album cover below...

 Unconscious Jungle are a Manchester based 5 piece with a sound combining elements of folk, psychedelia, 20th century dance themes and choral harmonies.

It is a fantastic album which I highly recommend. You can find more info about Unconscious Jungle by visiting these websites...

It's worth mentioning that the final mastering carried out on this whole album uses techniques and equipment that are somewhat more advanced than what is included in the audio mastering blueprint. For this reason, on the finished album, the track 'Breathe' may sound a little different to the master we produce at the end of this live mastering session.

IMPORTANT POINT - I haven't sped up the mastering process in anyway by snipping bits out. These videos capture the actual mastering process from start to finish. The entire length is about an hour.

The order of the live mastering session is as follows...

Part 1 - Listen - A very important part of the mastering process. At TGM Audio, we make notes during the first couple of listens to a track. (3min50sec)

Part 2 - EQ - Using the technique demonstrated earlier in the tuition, some problem frequencies are uncovered and dealt with. (17min32sec)

Part 3 - Multi-Band Compression - Here you will see how multi-band compression can be used to process both dynamics and tone. (17min17sec)

Part 4 - Single-Band Compression - Having tightened up the mix, single-band compression is used as gelling agent, bringing the mix to whole. (13min8sec)

Part 5 - Limiting - The final part to this live session. Limiting is the final seal, giving more RMS, lifting the track up to a commercial volume. (11min28sec)

Total length... 62min35sec

David Eley - TGM Audio

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