Audio Mastering EQ - Final Word

EQ's may differ in their looks and controls, but essentially they all perform the same job of boosting or reducing specific bands of frequencies and a vast majority of the linear phase EQ's are suitable for audio mastering purposes.

parametric equaliser for audio mastering

ddmf audio mastering EQ

The mastering technique demonstrated in this chapter works great using Logic's Linear Phase EQ. However, it might not work so smoothly on all EQ's. The principle however remains the same - boosting an area of frequencies can help you distinguish the problems happening in that particular area.

By now you should be starting to understand the purpose behind the whole audio mastering process. Through the use of EQ, we can literally mould a reliable shape into the tone of the music, enabling it to sound balanced and correct no matter where it is finally played.

typical mastering EQ curve for pop music

The next chapter of mastering tutorials will explore the use of compression and limiting, which are extremely important tools in shaping a track for good translation to the consumer's player.

David Eley - TGM Audio Mastering

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