Practice Music Downloads

EQ Tutorial Practice Audio:

Maria Sins-'Changes'.wav (40876 downloads)


Unconscious Jungle – Whole album premasters (folk):

1 - Baroque Swing In A Jazz Club Orbiting Saturn.wav (10609 downloads)

2 - Lost Wanderer.wav (7981 downloads)

3 - Queen Bee.wav (9074 downloads)

4 - Coffee House Blues.wav (8471 downloads)

5 - Breathe.wav (18993 downloads)

7 - Paris 1925 Ragtime in Wonderland.wav (6307 downloads)

8 - Tired of Holding On.wav (7264 downloads)


Simon Blackley ‘We Drift’ premaster (ambient electro):

We Drift.wav (10142 downloads)


Andy Pickering – Whole album premasters (rock):

All We Have Is Now.wav (7922 downloads)

I Dont Care At All.wav (6047 downloads)

In Our Arms.wav (5820 downloads)

Ive Seen It All.wav (5863 downloads)

Lonely Nights.wav (5066 downloads)

The Days We Spent.wav (4824 downloads)

The One After Me.wav (4033 downloads)

What She Knows.wav (3894 downloads)


Mercury Machine ‘Vultures’ premaster (rock electro):

Vultures.wav (6172 downloads)


DJ WD40 ‘Durty’ premaster (dance electro):

Durty.wav (5614 downloads)



One of the issues I found when starting out as a mastering engineer was getting my hands on untouched premasters to practice with. I have been given permission by the artists of all the above recordings. If you think you have any audio files which would be helpful to other practicing engineers, please contact me and provide a link to download them and I will make them available here. I will include a link to your blog/page of choice in return.

David S Eley