Interesting feedback from Christian Ghahremanian

Interesting feedback from Christian Ghahremanian

Here’s some interesting feedback from Christian Ghahremanian (reader of’s advanced eBook – The Secret Notebook of a Mastering Engineer). He talks of his experience with Bob Katz’ ‘K-System’ and how has helped:

“Hi David!

I´ve already purchased your second book, thx. I just write to you to say thanks!

I really love dynamic stuff and I admire Bob Katz´s effort for his K-Measurement – but I always had problems to hold the pressure at 0… no matter which K-standard I were trying to use…

After reading your books and refreshing all the stuff I´ve already learnt years ago, I finally don´t have a problem anymore to master considering Ks standard, and my works sounds great now!.. Thanks David that you´ve written books like this…they are really educating and well written – good job!


Christian Ghahremanian”