Most popular mastering tutorials:

Most popular mastering tutorials:

These are the five most popular articles at (data provided by Google Analytics).

No. 1: Fatness & RMS – Explains what RMS is and how it relates to loudness and fatness. Further discussion into compression techniques that can fatten a mix on another level. All the time helping you realise your goal when mastering your music.

No. 2: Definition of Audio Mastering – Explains why mastering is so important. Begins to paint the picture of what it is we are trying to achieve when mastering music.

No. 3: Advanced Technique No.1 ‘Ultra Depth’. How to add depth and space to a mix using psychoacoustic manipulation.

No. 4: EQ, Tone & The Frequency Spectrum – Explores the idea of shaping the frequency spectrum using EQ, equipping the track with a tonal balance that will translate well to different music playing systems.

No. 5: Multi-Band Compression – An introduction to a very useful tool. Discusses the major differences in operation from single-band compression.