Tonal/Spectral Processing

EQ Audio Mastering Tutorial – Contents


This chapter will explore the use of EQ – a tool of great power in making a track sound pro. It will describe the things you should be listening for when mastering with your EQ. A mixture of videos, articles, pictures and diagrams are used to provide you with the skills and knowledge to confidently go to your EQ, adjust it and get great results when mastering audio.

In this tutorial

  • Linear Phase EQ Parameters – A video demonstration of the various parameters found in Logics Linear Phase EQ accompanied by a text article.

  • EQ Decisions in Audio Mastering – Looks at the various situations where EQ may be required and reveals one of the fundamental purposes for EQ in mastering.

  • Problem Frequencies in Audio Mastering – Explores further the various situations where EQ is necessary and introduces a clever technique for identifying problematic frequencies with a downloadable audio file to try the technique on.


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