Introduction to Advanced Mastering Techniques

Well done! You made it all the way to the end of the Audio Mastering Blueprint and the live mastering session! If you’ve followed the mastering tutorials in the order I have written them, I am quite confident that you will be perfectly able to do a very respectable job of your own, or another individuals audio mastering.

However, the lessons to follow are going to blow your mind!

The advanced section of is brought to you as a Book titled ‘The Secret Notebook of a Mastering Engineer’. The secrets in this book will become your secret weapons – your golden bullets!

The first part of, ‘The Audio Mastering Blueprint’ is currently a ‘free to view’ mastering tutorial only on this website.

To discover the secret techniques that all the top engineers are using to get that commercial polished sound, all you need to do is download ‘The Secret Notebook of a Mastering Engineer’.


BUT, before you decide, discover one of these incredible secrets absolutely free. The next page gives away a hugely powerful technique… ‘Ultra Depth’. Prepare to be amazed at what a few very basic plugins can achieve when arranged and programmed in a certain way.

Find out how to create ‘Ultra Depth’ here

To discover the techniques that mastering engineers (who are charging upwards of 100.00 GBP a track) are using to get that commercial quality, get your hands on ‘The Secret Notebook of a Mastering Engineer’.


Is this book for you?

  1. 26,500 printable words containing hot topics like how to get it REALLY loud and still sound spacious and dynamic.
  2. Reveals how a mix should sound to produce a commercial volume and radio quality master.
  3. Written by an experienced mastering engineer who has made a living by use of these clever mastering techniques.
  4. Provides you with everything you need to know to get your final sound as big as your fattest tune in your iTunes library – never have to pay for mastering again.
  5. Presents you with a whole new tool kit, different to all the techniques found on this website.

30 day money back guarantee…

  • If you’re not satisfied I have taught you how to master audio like the pros, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. That’s a guarantee.
  • Secure payment method – use credit/debit card or PayPal. Downloads straight to your device.
  • Readable formats on any device, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPhone, iPad, even just a PC or Mac – anything. Printable too.

Top mastering engineer’s review…

Feedback via email from Earle Holder, award winning Chief Mastering Engineer at HDQTRZ Mastering Studios, Mastering Engineer for Public Enemy, and creator of the ‘Har-Bal’ Harmonic Equaliser.

“Hello David

I have always believed that one is never too old to learn something new. I purchased your material because it appeared that you have a real passion for your craft as do I.

I thought your tutorials were well written and easily understood. The area that I read where you stated that you were mastering a project for an individual over a three year period was priceless. I was easily able to relate to your dilemma of constantly improving your craft and the need to go back and redo the previous masters because you were constantly learning and becoming more proficient.

There is plenty of business to go around so I support my fellow mastering engineers who appear to be honorable.

Both of your books were a breath of fresh air and I will be sure to tell others who are getting started in this wonderful field to purchase your books.


Earle Holder
Chief Mastering Engineer
HDQTRZ Mastering Studios

Some Reviews from Amazon…

Christos Baimpakis (Greece)

Fantastic book for both the beginner and anyone whose been mastering for a while. The proof’s in the pudding and my masters are now sounding better than I ever expected. Very easy to read yet packed full of information. This book takes you through the whole process from start to finish, even covering things like how to acoustically treat your home studio. Every explanation is detailed yet easy to digest. Anyone operating from a home studio must read this book.Yes definitely i would recommend that to a friend!
I am very happy with my purchase! THANKS!!!

Duwayne K (United Kingdom)

I found this to be a great resource while trying to get my head around the mysterious subject that is Audio Mastering. David’s clear and concise explanations of processing techniques, that are also supported by videos on TGMaudio’s Mastering Tuition website is great for demystifying the dark art of the subject. I can hear the difference in my mastering projects and will continue to use the guidance given by David, but practice makes perfect. I would recommend this book to both new both new starters in the world of audio as well as seasoned engineers as you are sure too learn new techniques or understand the reasons why you get certain results.

Steven Bury (United Kingdom)

Absolutely brilliant book. The techniques in this book are priceless. I like the way the book is laid out and written, really easy to read and understand. Anyone who just wants to know pure technique on how to get their masters sounding professional should read this book.

Suzi (United States)

I absolutely love this book. Any one interested in advancing their mastering and mixing skills should read this book. Next book to read is Mastering audio the science and art of mastering by Bob Katz.


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Part 2

The Secret Notebook

of a Mastering Engineer

  • Introduction to Advanced Techniques
  • Chapter 8 – Ultra Depth (revealed – view now)
  • Chapter 9 – Stereo Thinking (part revealed – view now)
  • Chapter 10 – Mid/Side Encoding and Decoding: What’s really going on? (secret)
  • Chapter 11 – Stereo Widening, Or Is It?: The truth about mid/side processing (secret)
  • Chapter 12 – Mid/Side EQ Enhancement Techniques and Stereo to Mono Compatibility(secret)
  • Chapter 13 – Expansion: How to revive a tired mix (secret)
  • Chapter 14 – Mid/Side Dynamics: The endless possibilities with mid/side processing (secret)
  • Chapter 15 – Parallel Compression: How to use and why it excels in mastering (secret)
  • Chapter 16 – Mastering Reverb: The reality of this technique (secret)
  • Chapter 17 – Ultra Depth Continued: Why it works, the history behind it and how to enhance the technique further (secret)
  • Chapter 18 – Saturation in Mastering: Where to use and how it differs from normal compression (secret)
  • Chapter 19 – Exciters and Enhancers: What they really are, how they work and when to use one (secret)
  • Chapter 20 – Independent Left and Right Settings: Mastering EQ and compression (secret)
  • Chapter 21 – The Mix: In depth discussion about the ideal state a mix needs to be in to produce a quality master (secret)
  • Chapter 22 – LOUD MASTERS (High RMS): Everything you need to know (secret)
  • Chapter 23 – The Master Chain (ordering your processors): Exactly how either of the many processors will affect another further down the chain (secret)
  • Chapter 24 – Mastering Multiple Tracks for an Album or EP: The do’s and don’ts, where to begin and why, and many other tips (secret)
  • Chapter 25 – Final Tip: Last but in no way least (secret)
  • Chapter 26 – About the Author and Some Friendly Advice (secret)

Some readers comments:

Jacob Longoria via Twitter

“Your information has taken me from trying to figure it out, to getting it done with repeat clients. Thank you!”

Erwin Steijlen via Email

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great website. Lots of tips here and all very useful. I’m a composer/producer and always struggling with eq., compression and mastering.. getting better at it and your information helps. Also i teach at the ArtEZ conservatory in the Netherlands and think my students will benefit alot too! Thanks!”

Phil Davies via Email

“What a FANTASTIC resource this has been for me and a huge help as I am planning my first mastering session soon” “I like the way you cut a wide bandwidth at about 450 Hz to allow the vox to stand out more!”